Friday, July 22, 2011

Bucket List

I used to have a Texas State bucket list, when I graduated I had completed all 30 of the items on my check list. The only ones I can remember are climbing to the top of the tower at Aqaurena, swimming in the water at aquarena, and playing Frisbee with Frisbee Dan. Normally Frisbee Dan is a real asshole and won't play with any one who can't throw the Frisbee long distances, but when I played with him I was with a friend who has huge boobs and blonde hair and a flirty personality. So he made an exception. I've been thinking that now that I'm home for a while I should come up with a long term goals bucket list because I have nothing better to do. So here are my long term goals. I feel a little bit bad there aren't more of them.
Frisbee Dan completing one of his many amazing tricks.

1. Learn Spanish (or Italian, or French, or any foreign language.)
2. Travel South America/Europe
3. Get my Masters
4. Complete a triathlon (the running part is going to be the WORST)
5. Learn to play the cello or guitar
6. Read all of the Harry Potter books

Monday, July 18, 2011


So let me just catch everyone up on what's going down right now. I leave in about a month for the UK, hopefully the new passport I just bought will arrive before my plane leaves. Actually...since I dont have a passport right now, I can't apply for my student Visa, which means this school I'm supposed to start in 2 months may not actually happen. So I'm kind of like, "wow, Jessie, grow up much?" Cause...I'm in my late mid twenties now and I should be done with misplacing valuable/sentimental objects that I need for my future well being.

All the stress of this situation is making my grey hair quadruple, so now I look like Rogue from Xmen. Correction-I did look like rogue, the new amazing color I've dyed my hair fully covers the grey streak.

Also the cute boy at my gym is back! He was gone for a week or two and I was missing doing warm up across from him and admiring his physical beauty. But now he's returned and I can go back to full on staring/drooling over a total stranger. He told me his name once but I forgot it. I know his last name starts with an E though.

Today I bought a robot necklace for $1.50 it was an unnecessary purchase but I am prone to frivolous spending when stressed.

goodnight sweet prince.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Losing my shit

There are two things about myself that I ABSOLUTELY FUCKING HATE and no matter what I can't shake them.

1. I break things.  I don't mean, I drop a glass and it shatters, I mean I buy a camera, set it on my desk and then try to use it and it doesn't fucking work.

2. What I can't break, I lose. Exhibit a-my passport. I have lost this bitch 3 times.  I am currently trying to apply for a visa and my passport is nowhere to be found. Its sure as fuck not where I had designated to place it. So I have torn my room, bathroom, and my fathers office apart looking for it, and its just mysteriously gone.

I am so truly sick and tired of all this bullshit.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The waiting game

As many of my friends and family are aware, I am in a current, constant, state of limbo.  I am living at home while I wait for my application to the Scottish social services council to be processed and accepted.  When this happens I am totally free to go nuts buying winter clothes because then my living in Scotland will be a sure thing. Until then I am spending all my time twiddling my thumbs, and totally freaking out.  I made the decision after a friends wedding that if I HAD to stay in Texas it wouldn't be so bad because 1. I have friends here and 2. I can still leave corpus. Nothing like the hometown blues.

So I'm waiting. It's something I'm used to, so it's not so bad. Plus, all this waiting has been awesome for the new streak of grey that's decided to conveniently sprout in the front, right side of my head.  I now fully support stem cell research, because I'm pretty sure that stuff will lead to the fountain of youth.

In conclusion, I am ready to hear that I'm accepted and I'm tired of my faith and patience being tested. That said, I have some trepidations about what the future holds if I'm going to need to be more patient and faithful than this. yikes.