Saturday, November 20, 2010

Being a Minority

There aren't many americans who travel overseas, and when they do travel they generally keep it to island getaways and occasionally Europe. I've met a few US citizens here in Aus, but we all generally avoid each other. I think we all develop a "this is my turf, I'm the unique one here, get out" mentality.

One of the greatest things about my current situation is I'm surrounded by Irish people. It's great fun b/c i get to say things like, "we'll call round to the lads house in a bit" and no one laughs and everyone knows what i mean. Its also fun trying to guess a. what words they're saying, and b. what the hell they're talking about. Example: "whats da craic, is your one cumin ta meet us der?"

I'm begining to hear the difference between "dubs" (people from Dublin) and people from the north. (Not northern Ireland, just those north of Dublin.)

I'm also the only person in a 5 mile radius who has the ability to tan. They are all as lily white as a newborns ass, despite the fact that all 7 boys work outside. The ones that are "tan" are actually just really freckled gingers or permanently red. It looks like they have rosacea on their whole upper bodies.