Sunday, April 21, 2013

First Dates

So for all the single ladies out there... Here are some weird first date moves that have actually worked for me.  Not that I'm happily coupled up or anything, but i did land a second date.

1. Proposing.  I once told a guy I needed to get married in order to get a visa to stay in the country, and I'd be very much obliged if he'd consider the idea. I'd be happy to pay his electric bill.  He was both intrigued and nervous. He didn't marry me, but he did text me the next day. Win.

2. Showing him the 500 photos I have of my cat on my phone.  Probably not a good idea if your date hates cats. Mine happened to like them, as well as birds of prey. Luckily I had a few photos of owls on there too.  I realised mid-way through the cat slide show that this was probably weird and a turn off, but he assured me it wasn't, and my quirks were actually working for him.  Yesssssss.

3. Asking him point blank if he likes me.  I had no idea where I stood with this guy.  He seemed happy enough to sit and chat, but I wasn't sure if he wanted to bother seeing me again. So I asked, and he answered.  Luckily his answer was, "yes, do you like me?" and we made plans to go out again then there. Boom.

4.Wearing bobby pins on my bra beneath my top so the ends make it look like I'm nipping. hard.  Ok, this is not one of my prouder techniques, because it has everything to do with nipples and nothing to do with anything else; but we all remember the SATC episode where the fake nipples draw lots of attention, and I found myself a cheaper, easier to disguise version.  Long bobby pins.  I caught several pairs of eyes, not just my dates, not very subtly eyeing my goodies all night. It's amazing what drawing attention to your breasts can do- and may I add, the hard nip is a far more subtle way to go than throwing loads of cleavage in the guys (or girls) face. He may not have known what my face looks like, or even remembered my hair color, but he remembered my number and dialed it within the week.  done and dusted.