Monday, August 12, 2013


Ok, here's reason 5,004,502,942 why being tall sucks.

People always assume I know what's going on, or that I have some kind of mythical sense of what to do next. 

"Jessie, what is this £50 extra we have to pay?"  I don't know. I got the exact same info you did about it, at the exact same time.  There was no additional info in my email, I'm not particularly financially minded, so I can't really even understand the email any way.  Why you think getting me to explain this unexpected charge will be helpful for anyone is beyond me.  Just- call the fucking company. seriously.

"Excuse me Miss, how far is it to the next petrol station?"  Um, if I had a car/was familiar with this part of town I MIGHT be able to help you. I don't have a car though, so my knowledge of petrol stations is limited to those that happen to be on my bus route. I'm also not familiar with any part of town that you might think I should know about. I still manage to get lost in the town I grew up in, so you can be well sure that I have no clue where I am at any given point in time.

"Where are we supposed to go to check our luggage?"  I have no idea. Maybe instead of asking a total stranger who is obviously a fellow traveler, you could find someone who works at the airport and is actually able to be of some assistance. Also, take me with you, because I too need to check my bag and as I said before, I have no idea how.

I suppose height is equated with intelligence or leadership, or maybe us tall-ies are just the first people to draw the eye. Either way, PEOPLE OF EARTH- HEAR ME! I am totally clueless about most things, most of the time. So please stop asking me for help, because I'll ruin us both. Now please help me figure out where to go, because I'm lost too.